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Guaranteed Rental Income – 52 Weeks a year !!

Abode’s Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme has been helping home owners that have been stuck in the NI property market.

Many homeowners have signed up for Guaranteed Rental Income to allow them to move on with their lives.payday loans If you can’t sell but would like to move on for whatever reason then the Guaranteed Income option could be the answer.

By having a Guaranteed Rental Income on you property you can move on to buy or rent a property that better suits your current needs.

Most homeowners worry about renting their own property to allow them to move in is – what happens when my 1st house is not rented ? I will then have 2 houses to pay for !

With the Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme there are no Void Periods so you can budget with confidence.

On top of that you pay No Fees at any time –

No Finders Fees, No Management Fees

Let Abode become your tenant & you can move on

Now that Homeowners can’t depend on selling within a reasonable timescale – maybe you should consider taking a Guaranteed Rental Income on your property to allow you to move on to the area you want or the extra space you may need


Call us today to see if your property qualifies & then book a free Guaranteed Rental Valuation