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Scrabo Tower Absail raises up to £50,000 for African Projects !


Over 70 fundraisers were brave enough to absail over Scabo Tower in Newtownards on Saturday 8th October!

The absail was a combined event by the Elim Relief Assoc & Vision International Ministries

It’s hoped that up to  £50,000 was raised for African Childrens Charities !!

Elim Relief Assoc are refurbishing a Hospital in Northern Zimbabwe and installing solar panels as part of the plans

Vision International are fundraising to build a new school building in Malawi & are also developing their current feeding programme

The feeding programme has made a massive difference to the local villages close to the school and over 200 childrem are now recieving regular meals from Vision International

Vision International are based in Regent House, Regent St, Newtownards. If you are interested in finding out more about their projects in Malawi, call in and have a chat with Victor any friday or saturday or call him on 078503 54108